Estudio de arquitectura técnica

Telf: 952 896961

Centro Comercial Diana Local III-22 Planta Alta 

29688 Estepona (Málaga)



We are an independent and impartial Technical Architecture Studio who specialise in undertaking all valuations on all type of properties and for every purpose. Our professional experience is built on 15 years in the industry, and on more than 6,000 surveying portfolios that we have carried out, in effect independently. Our work environment is nearly exclusively centred on the Costa del Sol (west), essentially within Marbella to Manilva, and adjoining municipalities.

The purpose and the reason that justify the performance of a survey report are very diverse, considering that they may affect different stages of everyday life, such as a loan request previous to the purchase sale of a property to obtain a mortgage loan; a property value to get the adequate purchase sale value that meets the present market needs; and even after the purchase transaction, to settle different types of taxes, transfer of assets, donations, property taxes, etcetera. We have also carried out legal surveying services, with court attendance. In many other occasions we have been appointed by the Inland Revenue as independent professionals to elaborate contested valuations and litigations between administrative authorities and private parties.

Our wide of expert surveying services include all types of properties, from completed housings or under construction, to developments; urban plots; commercial properties such as hotels, golf courses and training centres.