Estudio de arquitectura técnica

Telf: 952 896961

Centro Comercial Diana Local III-22 Planta Alta 

29688 Estepona (Málaga)



ARQUI-TEC focus our work on the execution of surveys, being since 1998 until the present collaborators for the SOCIEDAD DE TASACION, S.A., company registered at the Banco de España to undertake surveys.

Apart from surveys, we offer services of particular interest within this sector including:

  • Energy Perfomance Certificates.
  • Estimate of charges of the PGOU regularization at Marbella.
  • Safety coordination and site managements.
  • Projects of legalization of constructions.
  • Surveys and property valuations: Providing advice on the market value of your property and also on the performance of a valuation as mortgage guarantee for a loan. We carry out all types of reliable valuations, not only residential and business property valuations, but also land and commercial property valuations.
  • Refurbishment and extension projects: For any kind of refurbishment or extension works that may need a Project to apply for a building permit.
  • Interior design and furniture: We provide integral projects of interior design and furniture service, with a comprehensive advising of materials, etcetera.
  • Advice on urban affairs: If you need to know the urban qualification of your housing or rural property; its use and applied regulations.
  • Drawing up of plans: We draw up plans for your house or land with precision laser devices.
  • Elaboration of reports and certificates: Technical due diligence.
  • Legal expert reports.
  • Tailoring safety and health plans.
  • Advice on building estimates.